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Ceders Wild Non-Alcoholic Gin 500ml

Ceder’s Wild is a non-alcoholic spirit with a refreshing blend of classic gin
botanicals such as juniper and citrus combined with coriander and rooibos. The award-winning non-alcoholic spirit, Ceder’s Wild combines botanicals found in the Cederberg mountains (Western Cape) with classic gin botanicals for a sophisticated distilled 0% alcohol spirit. Mof water, natural botanical distillates,
extracts, and preservatives. Ceder’s Wild is served in cocktails with
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Ceder’s Wild is a non-alcoholic spirit alternative to gin, brewed from over 18 ingredients, including water, natural botanical distillates, extracts, and flavours. In Ceder’s Wild, the juniper base is complemented by a combination of intriguing plants such as ginger, for its spiciness and clove, for its power. The body of the spirit is balanced by the rooibos, which brings a more gourmet dimension. It all started in 2017 when Craig Hutchinson and Maria Sehlstrom took a walk in South Africa's Cederberg Mountains in Western Cape. Fascinated by the diversity of plants growing there and the richness of the mountain, they selected 18 of these unique plants, among which were juniper berries, used as the basis for making gin. When they returned to Sweden, they took the plants they had collected from the mountain with them to make a drink to help them escape and find harmony. Distilling each ingredient separately and then finally blending them with pure spring water to create a
drink with all the makings of a great gin, except the alcohol. Ceder’s Wild reveals intriguing associations of plants between juniper and ginger, cloves and rooibos on the palate. The nose offers surprising notes of geranium flowers, with an almost clear as water colour. Ceder's Wild's is best served with an Indian tonic water and garnished with a slice of grapefruit and sprig
of basil.
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Weight (Kgs) 2.5
Brand Ceder's
Container Type Glass
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Size Single Unit
Region Cederberg
Category Non-alcoholic spirits
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