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Kahlúa Original Coffee Liqueur 750ml

From the high mountains of Veracruz, Mexico comes the original Kahlua coffee liqueur. The blend of 100% Arabica coffee and sugarcane spirit creates a dark intensity with a rich flavor, with notes of vanilla and caramel.
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Made from an expert combination of coffee, rum, corn syrup, and vanilla bean (which is another traditional Mexican ingredient), Kahlúa is a sweet and rich coffee-flavoured liqueur that adds a kick to any cocktail and is the perfect after-dinner tipple. This combination of several typically Mexican ingredients means, from start to finish, a bottle of Kahlúa takes up to seven years to produce, principally due to the growing and harvesting of the coffee beans used to give it that signature coffee kick. It all started in 1936 in Veracruz, Mexico, where two lifelong friends had an idea and decided to run with it, “What happens when you enrich alcohol with coffee?” And that was how Kahlúa was birthed that year by Pedro Domecq. By the 1950s, Kahlúa started dabbling in the quirky advertisements, blending Mexican heritage with bold fonts, figures, and colours making it one of the most recognizable brands
among spirits.Kahlúa is presented in an attractive and deep brown colour. The tasting notes offer the enticing bittersweet coffee bean, roasted chestnut, and sweet butter. On the nose, Kahlúa possesses a complex mixture of toffee, butter rum, and caramel, complemented with aromas of vanilla and dark chocolate with a warm and spicy pleasant lingering after-taste. Kahlúa is best served neat with ice or as the base of any of your favourite cocktails. Its coffee taste makes it a perfect mix for classic cocktails such as the White Russian, Espresso Martini, and Black Russian.
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Weight 1.350000
Brand Kahlua
Container Type Glass
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Size Single Unit
Region Veracruz
Category Liqueur
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