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Malfy Gin Rosa 43% 750ml

Introduced into the South African Market in 2018. Malfy Gin Rosa is distilled with over 7 botanicals, including juniper, Sicilian pink grapefruit, Italian rhubarb, coastal grown Italian lemon, and orange peel. Packs rich, refreshing citrus, grapefruit taste with unique pale rose colour and a bright aroma synonymous to the ingredients contained in its taste.
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Malfy Gin introduced the Malfy Gin Rosa to the market in the wake of 2018. Malfy Gin Rosa has seven different botanicals, including Juniper, Sicilian pink grapefruit, orris root, angelica root, Italian rhubarb, coastal grown Italian lemon, and orange peel. Malfy Gin owes its distilled quality to Beppe Ronco and Tenis Muni. With a story that dates back to 1050, Malfy’s journey began with a collection of books assembled under “Compendium Salernite,” which includes a recipe for a tonic wine infused with juniper berries, producing what was first referred to as what we now know and think as gin. Malfy Gin is distilled in Italy using copper stills, the finest Italian botanical, and alpine spring water. Monviso water from Crissolo Spring - the highest and purest
spring in Italy. Taste note offers a rich combination of fresh citrus, grapefruit with a long juniper finish. On the palate, Malfy Gin Rosa is rich in citrus grapefruit with a long juniper finish. The very pale rose gin produces an
aroma of bright, fresh grapefruit zest, rich rhubarb, citrus, and anise.
Malfy Gin Rose can serve as a base to any classic gin cocktail. Best served when mixed with ice and a premium tonic water and garnished with a fresh slice of grapefruit.
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Weight 1.596000
Brand Malfy
Container Type Glass
Local or Imported Imported
Size Single Unit
Region Moncalieri
Category Gin
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