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Olmeca Fusion Dark Chocolate 750ml

Olmeca Dark Chocolate is a blend of Olmeca Silver Tequila, a neutral spirit
blended with dark chocolate, which leaves you with an oddly moreish 20% ABV drink. Olmeca Dark Chocolate is the recipient of awards such as the Bronze medal at the 2013 International Spirits Challenge. Olmeca Dark Chocolate comes presented in a stylish Mexican-themed bottle! Preferably enjoyed neat, chilled as a cold shot or on the rocks..
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The Olmeca Dark Chocolate is a surprising chocolate flavoured tequila from the Olmeca range that retains the true flavours of Mexican tequila while introducing a delicious chocolaty taste. Created in 1967, Olmeca is a high-quality Tequila. Its expert and unique production process combine hand-picked agave plants, brink ovens, cultivated yeast and distillation in small copper pot stills. Olmeca Tequila is exclusively produced at our own Destilería Colonial de Jalisco located in Arandas, in Los Altos de Jalisco. The Los Altos Region is 2,100m above sea level. The rich red soil that characterises the Los Altos area is the key element for Olmeca’s unique Tequila profile, “spicy
with a fruity bouquet, more rounded and naturally sweet.” It has an intense brown coloured body, and rich and delicious cocoa notes dominate the nose. The palate is rich and silky with an easy to drink taste that can be enjoyed as chilled shots on the rocks or mixed in cocktails. Olmeca Dark Chocolate has the aroma of creamy dark chocolate, cocoa, roasted hazelnut and vanilla, followed by herbal notes from the Agave.Olmeca Dark Chocolate is best served and consumed chilled as a cold shot, on the rocks, or as a mixer in a cocktail.
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