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Olmeca Silver Tequila 750ml

Directly from Los Altos highlands of Jalisco, Mexico, it carries a naturally sweet flavour ready to explode in any colossal moment. Olmeca Tequila Silver uses more traditional techniques that are in favour of scale. Its blue Weber agave plants are grown at 2000 metres above sea level. Slightly smoky with a final soft honey flavour and a peppery agave alcoholic clove on the nose. Best enjoyed in shots, cocktails or long drinks.
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Olmeca Silver Tequila comes from Los Altos, Mexico. "The Highlands" of tequila are famous for their red clay soils and higher altitudes. These tequilas tend to be sweeter and more floral, as illustrated by Olmeca Silver. The blue agaves, native to the Jalisco state, are hand-harvested and undergo two distillations which ensure a pure and flavourful result. Olmeca Tequila is a Mexican tequila from the Los Altos region, the Highlands of the Mexican State
of Jalisco. Among other things, this region is famous for its tequila production. The bright red volcanic soil nourishes the blue agave, while its high mineral content helps to encourage the growth of sugar-rich agave plants. The tequila brand features three sub-brands, Olmeca (which is a Mixto), Olmeca Altos (which is a 100 % Blue Weber Agave tequila), and Olmeca Tezón (which is
100% Blue Weber Agave and which is produced from 100 % Tahona crushed agave). These subbrands are double distilled from Mexican Blue Agave in Copper Pot Stills. On the nose, Olmeca Silver offers a fresh herbal aroma of green pepper, combining to feature a delicate citrus finish. However, the taste note presents more of a sweet, mellow feel with a soft, slightly smoky finish.
Drink it mixed with some refreshments or in shots, cocktails, or long drinks.
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Brand Olmeca
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Size Single Unit
Region Jalisco
Category Tequila
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