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GH Mumm Grand Cordon Demi Sec Champagne 750ml

G.H. Mumm Demi Sec is a French wine term meaning “half-dry”. Elaborated from Pinot Meunier (60%), completed by 30% of Pinot Noir and 10% Chardonnay. Aged for 11 years, GH Mumm Demi-Sec is very round, smooth, and sweet with
hints of honey candy. Delights inquisitive palates when served alongside dishes that combine sweet and savoury tastes.
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G.H. Mumm Grand Cordon Demi-sec is a product of a centuries old champagne-making tradition. Demi-Sec reflected the tastes of 19th-century consumers who enjoyed very sweet wine, updated for today’s tastes, Mumm Demi-Sec is the House’s gourmet signature champagne: a Cuvée that
perpetuates the fine tradition of dessert champagnes. The first pages of the House of G.H.MUMM fabled winemaking history were written long before
1827, its official founding date. The Mumm family, whose lineage includes barons and knights, dates back to the twelfth century. Already in 1761, the family had launched a business as wine producers and merchants based in Cologne. The company owned large vineyards in the Rhine valley, where it created its own wines. Tasting notes of GH Mumm Grand Cordon Demi-Sec presents a very round, smooth, and sweet with hints of honey candy. Aromas of peach and pear jam, nougat, and fruit jelly with fragrances of honey and gingerbread, developing into notes of dried fruit
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Out Of Stock Yes
Brand Mumm
Bubbles colour Pink
Bubbles type Demi-sec
Container Type Glass
Local or Imported Imported
Size Single Unit
Region Champagne
Category Champagne
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