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The Wiseman Kentucky Straight Bourbon 750ml

Made from four Kentucky Straight Bourbons selected for their individual taste and contribution to the final blend.

The Wiseman™ Bourbon offers caramel and allspice which present an excellent flavour as the mildly silky liquid crosses the tongue. The allspice sticks around for a longer finish with caramel.
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To shape the future, first you must learn from the past. Distill the wisdom of previous generations, and then, break free. Take the leap. Find a spark of something new. In short, you must innovate.

Kentucky Owl® is an exceptional whiskey with the thirst to learn, the hunger to build, and the mindset to dream. This is a drink for those with a pioneering spirit that knows no bounds. For those who want to take on a world filled with imperfections, and make it something greater, we made the Kentucky Owl®

The Wiseman™ Wisdom. Progress and innovative spirit, distilled
in every bottle.
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origin Tennesse
Container Type Glass
Kosher 0
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Malt Type Malt & Grain
Size Unit
Region Tennessee
Category Bourbon and Rye
Whisky Type Tennesse Whiskey
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