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Avión Silver Tequila 750ml

All agaves used in the production of Avión Silver Tequila are sourced from Jesus Maria.
Avión Silver Tequila has intense agave aromas with tinges of mint and rosemary, delicate hues of flowers, black pepper, and hints of grapefruit and pineapple.
Awarded Best Unaged Tequila - 2012 San Francisco Spirits Competition and Double Gold Award at the SIP Awards 2019.
Best consumed neat with ice.
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Avión Silver Tequila is a hand-made tequila using only the best blue weber agaves, grown for 7 to 10 years and found at the highest elevations in the Los Altos regions. The volcanic soil imparts some of the mineral flavours in the tequila.
The Avión story begins in Jesus Maria, Mexico, where the Lopez family first created this tequila and where the Avión agave is still harvested to this day. Avión Silver Tequila's multi-dimensional flavour is achieved during the distillation process in pot stills rather than in larger column stills which can strip away some of the nuances. Creating a single-origin tequila that embodies the best of craft processes to ensure the natural, rich, and roasted flavours of the Avión agave. The delicate distillation process results in a clear, pure tequila that is beloved across the world.
The palate offers a mild vanilla and coconut segue into roasted agave with grassy and mineral undertones, along with a hint of menthol. Clean and velvety on the tongue. On the nose, Avión Silver Tequila has gentle sweet notes of vanilla and pineapple. Along with herbaceousness and savoury notes of agave with a dry and savoury agave and a slight smooth brininess lingering finish.
Avión Silver Tequila’s bold flavour makes it a great mixer. It's sweet on the tip of the tongue, but the savoury, mineral flavour of the agave come through loud and clear. Perfect in a Margarita but also stands out alone in a glass.
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