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Bacardi Rums

Bacardi Rums

Bacardi Rum is a premium rum brand that was founded in Cuba and has been around for over 150 years. Labelled as one of the best-selling rums in the world, Bacardi is famous for its smooth, mild taste, with just the right amount of character.

Spiced rum is one of Bacardi's most popular offerings. This rum combines rich spices with smooth rum to create a flavour that is both bold and complex. Whether you drink it straight or in a cocktail, Bacardi Spiced Rum will not disappoint.

Another iconic rum from Bacardi is the Carta Blanca, often known as Bacardi Superior. This rum is a real representation of the Bacardi history, with a smooth and delicate flavour that is ideal for blending in cocktails. Bacardi Carta Blanca is an excellent choice for a traditional daiquiri or a crisp mojito.

Bacardi's Carta Negra rum is the perfect fit for those who prefer a darker and more intricate rum. Matured in charred oak barrels, this rum has a deep, smokey flavour that is ideal for sipping on its own. Bacardi Carta Negra is a genuine standout among rum brands, because of its robust flavour and smooth, sumptuous finish.

Whether you're a seasoned rum connoisseur or starting out, Bacardi Rums has something for everyone. From the classic Carta Blanca to the bold and complex Spiced rum, Bacardi has a rum for every taste. So, why wait? Visit shop online today to discover the rich and flavourful world of Bacardi Rums.

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